Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is a true story about a girl have a crush on her schoolmate. The girl who has special needs and her name is ‘Kaye’. She can’t walk and she sits on the wheel chair. She’s bright and jolly person. She goes to school M.R SPED Class. At first she’s shy to everone and now she has many friends. The name of her crush is ‘Ely’ and he is from the H.I. (Hearing Impaired) He can’t talk and hear. But at first she ignores him.

After class, she’s waiting for her mother outside the room. She saw a boy. She asks her friend for the boy’s name. She found out the boy’s name is ‘Jay’. She didn’t tell to her friend that she has a crush on him. Everytime she has a secret she tells it to her mother.

One day, she found out that he is arrogant and she had no crush on him because of that.

During school, the teacher of ‘Kaye’ left the class. She and her classmates are reading there books. Suddenly, she’s looking outside of there window and she saw a boy. She ignores him all the time she saw him but now she think it’s just an admiration and inspirations.

Everytime she saw him, she feel her day is complete. Even he ignores her. She smile at him and sometimes he smile at her.

Every night, she imagines that ‘Ely’ is her boyfriend. They’re laugh together and they’re always there for each other. She always wishes that they can understand each other. She wishes that she can hear him and talk with him. So they can be friend or boyfriend. Because she knows he is kind.

One day, H.I. and M.R. class have an activity on the covered-court. ‘Ely pushes her wheel chair and her to the covered-court. She is blushed and her friend said, ‘oh, you are blushing, if I know you have a crush on him.’ and she answer, ‘no, I don’t have a crush on him.’

That day is memorable to her. One day she writes a love story and she realizes that she can be a writer. She tells her mother to read her composition. Her mother said, ‘wow, it’s great! I didn’t know you have a talent writing love stories.’ she said, ‘I have inspiration. I will not forget that moment and because of him I found out that I can be a writer.’

‘Ely’ graduated last April 2005. At first she was sad because she will not saw him anymore in the school. But she knows someday she will see him and she promise to herself that ‘Ely’ will be her crush forever. ‘Kaye’ continues writes love stories.

It’s not a happy ending for ‘Kaye’ but life must go on…


Jerald said...

ate, That was so much inspiring...hehehe english un ha nagaya ako kasi sayo... nga pala parang ung story ng "CRUSH" eh may kapareho, nakikita ko sya tuwing saturday... Goodluck and continue writing compositions.

marchiesal said...

i think you write with passion, continue writing, learn more by reading a lot and dont be afraid to ask people about the improvement of your craft. I think youre a unique person. Good luck to you.