Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wish of a Special Child

I am a special child who has a cerebral palsy. I am a happy person, friendly, childish and sometimes sad. I feel sad because of the people said me bad words. I cried a lot because they hurt my feelings. I think, God gave me this test to become a stronger person. I wish to God that the people who hurts me become a good person too. The people who said bad words about me, I forgive them. Because Jesus forgives our sins why not me.

When I go everywhere I sit on my wheel chair because I can’t walk and I can’t use my hands normally. When I'm writing I use my feet because I can’t move my hands. I wish to God that he gives me a miracle so that I can walk. I wish to God that I can use my hands normally.

Every people have a dream to come true. Just like me I have dream to become a writer someday. I pray to God that my dreams come true. So that I can make my parents be proud.

I am very thankful to God that he gave me a good parents who takes care and loves me a lot. I am very thankful to God that he takes care and he never puts me on danger.


Anonymous said...

hello katt.

your determination and enthusiasm to become a writer are an inspiration to people with handicap.

they must emulate you.

just continue writing and put into words what you have in mind.

and also, read, read, and read a lot.

we all learn plenty of stuff from reading.

good luck and thank you for dropping by my blog.

Crystal Orteza said...

aww kat, this is a heart warming post you have. You're truly inspiring. I actually never met a person as talented as you are despite of your condition. You're truly a gifted person. I read your post and realized, you're a brilliant writer and I must encourage you to pursue your dream because you're really good at your craft...

I admire your perseverance aswell.

God bless you, sister!

Anonymous said...

`can I caLL u kath!?
`ahmm.. its nice
`to reaD Ur story titLed "tAbing_iLog..
`ahehe.. actuaLLy parang compl8 story n xa..
`sana maganda ending..
`susubaybayan ko yan ah..
`btw.. nice work tLaga.
`its true kya pagpa2Loy mu Lng Ung inumpisahan mo..
`go kath!!


Cedrick Vahn Jack Jezar Ned Lloyd Lian T. Madrigal said...

the miracle your asking is just a distance from your knees to the floor,my friend...

pursueyour dreams and let no one bring you down...