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I am Kathleen Cruz, and you can call me Kat. I’m from Bataan, Philippines I’m a happy person even though I have a cerebral palsy, yet I’m normal like even though I cannot walk and I cannot move my hands easily. But I know we can be friends.

I have a cerebral palsy since birth. When my mother gave birth at 7th month of her pregnancy. I was lacking in oxygen and that’s why I got a scar in my vein. 
My hobbies are surfing the net, drawing using my feet, watching TV, writing stories, poems, and talking to my friends. 

My dream is to become a writer someday, and to have my own book. I hope one day my dreams will granted.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Acceptance is very meaningful to me. Cause you should know I have a cerebral palsy. I can’t walk and move my hands easily. I knew its not so easy. But I accepted that I this is me. I know its not easy. But I accept that I am this kind of person.

I I hate some people can’t accept people like me who has disability. Sometimes they look at me and turn their eyes away from me. I have many stories that I feel they can’t accept me. Its not our fault to have this. So we need acceptance from everybody.

I knew nobody wants to be ignored, and we want to be accepted by others. I am thankful to my parents, sister, brother, relatives and my friends accepted me for what I am. Now may I ask, can you ACCEPT me?


tinay said...

siz kath..of course naman i can accept you... i know how it feels being rejected, judged by people...

people tend to judge us without knowing the real us...

they can love us for so many reasons...but will hate us for a single mistake..

haiz... acceptance is everything talaga... ^_^

pauline said...

sis, i accept you since the first time i knew you. saya sayang kamu. =)

Anonymous said...

i accept you. promise! hehe =) be true, be YOU. i admire you so much. Go girl!

lonelytoes said...

i kat! im very inspired by you so thank you vey much.. do u have a badge?? i would like to link you to my blog. if you dont have i can make u one. just make a request in my blog..

ur such an inspiration and i admire u for being positive...